I'm often asked, when people find out I'm a drummer, "What kind of drummer are you?".  I always used to answer "rock" but I've changed my mind and now I answer "worship".  Drumming and percussion, when used sensitively, (reasonably) skillfully and above all passionately can be a real asset to a worship band.  As with all instrumental worshippers I'm continuously working on all three of these things with varying degrees of success!  My style is definitely more rock than jazz but my over-riding desire is to worship Jesus through my playing.

I played most Fridays at The School Of The Spirit (SoS) in Saughall for four years.  I have played with Godfrey Birtill many times and had the immense privilege of going on tour to the USA and Scotland with him in 2010, and even once (many years ago) with Don Franciso.  I generally only play drums for worship leaders I know but I'm always open to offers!


I play a Drum World UK Stage Master Special Edition kit with all the tom-toms rim-mounted.  The tom sizes are 10", 12", 14" and 16", although I rarely use the 10".  The bass is a 22" and the snare is a 14" x 6.5" with a wooden shell. 

All the hardware is Drum World UK double-braced stands except the floor tom stand - this is a Yamaha double-braced heavy duty floor tom stand. The bass double pedals are Tama Iron Cobra Power-Glides.  The stool is a Drum World UK stool..

All the drum batter heads are Evans.  Genera Dry on the snare and G2 coated on the toms.  The bass has a G1 clear batter and G1 coated resonant.  The toms all have the standard Drum World UK single-ply resonant heads.

The cymbals are a mixture.  Sabian ProSonix hi-hats, 16" crash and 20" ride, Meinl 16" crash, Zildjian 8" Splash and an unbranded 20" dark ride.  The 8" Splash is mounted upside down above the Meinl ride on the same cymbal mount..

The rim-mounts on the toms makes setup and takedown time much faster as all the mounts are memory locked. Rim mounts also produce a purer sound as there are less choke-points on the drum shell itself as there's no clamp bolted on the shell for mounting.  Less than 15 minutes is required to get this kit from its bags to a playable condition.

Sadly Drum World UK ceased trading in 2007 so this kit is no longer available.

This is my current setup.  One more cymbal.  Older setups are lower down.



Full Kit with cymbals in the usual setup

Kit with no cymbals

Close-up on the floor tom rim-mounts

Kit from above (note the floor toms still have legs not rim-mounts in this one)

Click here to see a 2Mb Windows Media clip of me warming up (terrible mistakes and all!


2012 Gideon-IT