Wild at Heart

The men's group worked through the book "Wild at Heart"  by John Eldredge.  Below are the sheets used in the group to compliment each chapter.  They are based on the book and the companion Study Guide.  I heartily recommend these books to any Christian men.

The sheets are in Adobe acrobat format.  Clicking on the link should open the sheet in another browser window or tab.  If you use these studies, please let me know.  Thanks.

Chapter One - Sheet 1

Chapter Two - Sheet 2a, Sheet 2b, Sheet 2c

Chapter Three - Sheet 3a, Sheet 3a (back), Sheet 3b

Chapter Four - Sheet 4a, Sheet 4b

Chapter Five - Sheet 5a, Sheet 5b

Chapter Six - Sheet 6a, Sheet 6b

Chapter Seven - Sheet 7

Chapter Eight - Sheet 8a, Sheet 8b

Chapter Nine - Sheet 9a, Sheet 9b

Chapter Ten - Sheet 10a, Sheet 10b

Chapter Eleven - Sheet 11a


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